Web Interface

Use the Banyan web app to manage all your files, hot and cold, in one place. We provide the features you rely on in centralized solutions, including permissioning, versioning, file previews, file sharing, so you don’t have to compromise when it comes to your data.

A screenshot of banyan web app tool contains side bar and main dashboard where user can control their files.

Command Line Interface

Easily and automatically backup your archive onto Filecoin to benefit from the censorship-resistance, verifiability, and security of decentralized storage. Version-control, easy collaboration, and syncing across all your devices with our client-side software.

A screenshot of command line


Integrate your infrastructure with decentralized storage using Banyan’s S3 compatible SDK. Store and manage all your data in a single platform with Banyan’s web interface.

Banyan SDK

Start Storing with Banyan